1678 Nye Homestead

An historic Cape Cod house museum

2018 Autumn Gathering

at the

Benjamin Nye Homestead & Museum

85 Old County Road, East Sandwich



The Nye Family Association hosted the 9th annual Autumn Gathering on Saturday, October 20th from noon to 4 PM.  At this free event, visitors enjoyed our beautiful neighborhood setting and the activities at our three historic buildings.  

In the 1678 Benjamin Nye Homestead & Museum we typically have as many as four fireplaces burning, with a hearth cooking demonstration by Lynn Cullity.  There will be docents in each room, and visitors can wander and study the antiques, oil portraits of 19th century Nyes, maps and exhibits.   

    Across the mill stream at the Grange Hall the Artisan’s Craft Fair offered homemade products of all kinds, as well as books and merchandise of an historic nature.  Association president Judy Hendy was available with her laptop to help answer genealogical questions.

    The third building is an 1858 watermill building under restoration.  In 1889 it was moved from the Bumps River in Centerville and placed on the foundation of Benjamin Nye’s 1669 grist mill.  Restoration carpenter and archaeologist David Wheelock was on hand to interpret the various uses of the mill over the years.  Also on display was an early 19th century “Portland Cutter” sleigh rescued from an East Sandwich shed, restored by Mr. Wheelock.  In addition, Orleans craftsman Richard Noyes demonstrated woodworking with hand tools.

    Finally, visitors were invited to sit down on a bench and just take in the pleasantly rural, historic ambiance of what was once a tiny industrial village, with two mills, a blacksmith shop, shoe shop, tavern, store and post office.  These little businesses are gone, but the mill pond and stream, meadow and salt marsh views provide a relaxed and charming atmosphere.  Again, this event was free and all were invited to join us!


View some photos of past Autumn Gatherings in the below slide show.



Below are some samples of the artisan’s handiwork.

Susan Goiding

David Horne

Elisa Della-Piana

Susannah Wheelwright

Elissa Delta-Pianafine

Elizabeth Nieckoski 

Jen Kano