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                   TITLE & DESCRIPTION   
AMERICAN NYES OF ENGLISH ORIGIN, VOL. 1 ed.  by L. Bert Nye, Jr  Covers genealogy of generations 1 through 8, soft cover reprint, Pub. 1977

 AMERICAN NYES OF ENGLISH ORIGIN, VOL. 2 ed. by L. Bert Nye, Jr     Covers genealogy of generations 9 through 12, soft cover reprint, Pub. 1990
#20  $30.00

ORIGINS OF BENJAMIN NYE: EXAMINING THE SOURCE                                   Reprint of 2006 Article by Ian Hilder, George R. Nye, Jonathan Shaw

 #35  $3.00
 A SANDWICH ALBUM     by Rosanna Cullity and John Cullity  Pub. 1987  A compilation of 300 photographs depicting Sandwich, MA from 1880 to 1920
                                                                Carefully researched captions, essays. Includes many Nye Homes.
 #8     $22.50

 NINETEENTH CENTURY SEAFARERS by George P. Nye     Seafaring Nyes from 1799.  with illustrations   Pub. 1993  
  A compilation of previously unpublished Nye Journals, record books and letters offering fascinating insights into the lives and adventures.
 #1  $12.50

 LEGENDARY LIVES by George P. Nye  with photos and illustrations   Pub. 1977
  True stories of over 35 notable members of the Nyes of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Adventurers, war heroes, statesmen, artists, and writers.
 #23  $12.50

 NYES OF FREMONT An American Story by James R. Hanson  
  This book describes the life of Theron Nye, originally of Madison, NY and his mid-1800s migration to the midwest. He became a successful 
  businessman, whose enterprises were continued and expanded by his son Ray Nye, who is responsible for preservation of the Benjamin Nye
  Homestead and farm in the early 1960s. Contains many interesting Nye family stories and history. Pub. 2003, 557 pgs. with photos.  Hard cover.
 WOMAN’S LIFE IN COLONIAL DAYS  by Carl Holliday  What was life like for women in the American colonies?  Did colonial women lead the sober. cheerless lives of hardship so often portrayed by later generations?                                                    Softcover  SOLD OUT
 #11  $12.95
EARLY AMERICAN HERB RECIPES  by Alice Cooke Brown      More than 100 fine 19th - century engravings of herbs add to the charm of this enchanting volume - an invaluable reference and guide for plant lovers and herb enthusiasts.                        Softcover
 #40  $11.95

 DO PEOPLE GROW ON FAMILY TREES? by Ira Wolfman - "Genealogy for kids and other beginners." Excellent guide with worksheets. 
 #25  $10.95

 PELEG NYE, THE JONAH OF CAPE COD by Nils  V. Bockman - As first mate, Nye was responsible for firing an explosive lance to kill harpooned whales. It was dangerous work at the best of times, but on this particular trip, disaster struck.  Find out what happens next!

 SANDWICH - A CAPE COD TOWN by R. A. Lovell, Jr.   This book presents the history of Sandwich, Mass. with the use of original town and colony records, diaries, wills, and deeds.  Offers a wealth of historical information.          634 pages       Softcover   #2