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Colonial Homes Magazine Article Reprint 
Nye Homestead Postcard

Fan Bird Postcard

           Front of Mug                                         Rear of Mug
Ceramic Retro Diner Mug  14 oz.

Print of Nye Homestead 
From an original painting by Lois Howland 
20" x 16"
Nye folded blank Notecards  textured linen, color tan, package of 10

 Colonial Homes Magazine Article Reprint   Item #27  $5.00
 Nye Homestead Postcard  Item #37  $1.00    
 Fan Bird Postcard  Item #36  $1.00
 Ceramic Retro Diner Mug 14 oz.
 Item #32  $10.00

 Print of Nye Homestead   From an original painting by Lois Howland   20" x 16"  Item #28  $20.00
 Nye folded blank Notecards           textured linen, color tan,   (package of 10)  Item # 29  $14.95