1678 Nye Homestead

An historic Cape Cod house museum

The September 2018 issue of  Cape Cod Magazine ran a series of five articles  on life on Cape Cod in past years.  One of the articles was on our Homestead and Museum.  Thanks to the permission of the Cape Cod Magazine and the Author, Amanda Wastrom, we have  a reprint  that you can view by clicking on the icon.

Lessons From A One-Room Schoolhouse

The Friday September 28, 2018 issue of  the 

Sandwich Enterprise ran an article about two former 19th century schools in Sandwich and how they impacted Nye family member who own them now and whose ancestors attended these school.

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The Friday May 11, 2018 issue of the Sandwich Enterprise had an article on an old “Portland Cutter“ sleigh that had been rescued some years ago and is now being restored by archaeologist and restoration carpenter David Wheelock.

 The sleigh was in pieces when found.  The restoration is nearly complete and the sleigh will hopefully be on display in the ‘Mill‘ during Autumn Gathering.

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The Monday October 22, 2018 issue of the Sandwich Broadsider published an article about our 2018 Autumn Gathering and how it shows how to keep history alive in this age of instant communications and hurried living.

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